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Medical Marijuana Consultant Vincent Palazzotto

Vincent Palazzotto is Executive Director of the Medical Marijuana Assistance Program of America (MMAPA) and a founding member of Mobile Doctors of America (MDARX).  Since 2000, Mr. Palazzotto has been actively involved in working with local chapters of the National MS Society and Junior Achievement in order to promote educational and community awareness throughout Colorado.  Mr. Palazzotto previously served as a US Army Communications Officer and holds a BA in Psychology from Rutgers University and a MA in Management and Leadership studies from the University of Denver.  Since launching MMAPA and MDARX, Mr. Palazzotto has raised public awareness in support of indigent patient rights, and has been integral in ensuring physicians who wish to specialize in medical marijuana are able to do so throughout Colorado.

As a medical marijuana consultant and active board member with the Medical Marijuana Business Alliance (MMBA), Mr. Palazzotto leads the community advocacy and patient rights committee.  Since his organization’s launch, he has contributed and been featured on CNN, CNBC, The Huffington Post, ABC, Forbes, National Geographic and nationally syndicated talk-shows.


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